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Are food vendors safe - Board Agenda

FOOD VENDORS - Besides not being allowed in most locations under the Sidewalk Vending Ordinance many Food Vendors are not licensed by the County Health Department. The below image shows what to look for to tell if a vendor is licensed by the County Health Department. Mobile vendors must have a Mobile Health Care (it's blue) and a Mobile Grade Card (you've seen them in every restaurant) both must be displayed for a vendor to be legal under Health Department rules (they still are not legal in most locations under the Sidewalk Vending Ordinance.)

So if you see food vendor that does not display the above information please call the FDH Duty Specialists at 858-505-6900 and report the time and location of the vendor (also file a GID report.) Please save this number in the contacts section of your phone. FYI in fiscal year 2022/2023 the County Health Department shut down over 400 restaurants for health code violations.

JUNE MBTC BOARD MEETING - The June MBTC Board Meeting will be held at 5:00 pm on Wednesday June 21st at the Mission Beach Women's Club on Santa Clara Pl. The agenda for the meeting may be found here

Any member of the Council may attend meetings of the Board of Directors but shall not be allowed to vote, make, or second motions. However, an attending member may make as many suggestions as allowed by the presiding Officer of the meeting


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