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Your Area Representatives

Have a issue in your area? Just click your area rep's name, or alternative rep, to email them!
Mission Beach Location
Area 1 Rep
Nicki Zimmerman
Jetty to south Balboa Ct
Area 2 Rep
Klaus Mendenhall
North Balboa Ct to south San Gabriel Pl
Area 2 Alt
Jean Froning
Area 3 Rep
Jessica Barlow
North San Gabriel Pl to south Ventura Pl
Area 3 Alt
Justin Barlow
Area 4 Rep
Andy Chotiner
North Ventura Pl to south San Luis Obispo Pl
Area 4 Alt
Christa Starr
Area 5 Rep
Alan Bark
North San Luis Obispo Pl to south San Juan Pl
Area 5 Alt
Chris Wilcox
Area 6 Rep
Kelly Madden
North San Juan Pl to south Santa Clara Pl
Area 7 Rep
Steve Kovalcheck
North Santa Clara Pl to south San Jose Pl
Area 8 Rep
Skip Dalrymple
North San Jose Pl to south San Rafael Pl
Area 9 Rep
Kimberly Wise
North San Rafael Pl to south Pacific Beach Dr
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