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Large Trash Pickup - important update

June 1st Large Trash Pickup - message from Seamus Kennedy

The Mayor's office had directed environmental service to end all Large trash pickups scheduled for June as a cost saving measure heading into FY 2025 and the Mission Beach one was threatened. Luckily, it will be the last one completed this year and will still commence on June 1.

Unfortunately, after deliberation, Environmental Services has chosen to focus the large trash pick up only to South Mission Beach (San Fernando to the Jetty) – hence why the flyer distribution only covered that area. Our office is very frustrated with this, but we are glad we were able to keep the event in any form with everyone in the city looking places to save money.

Please spread this to your membership and, as always, include my email if anyone has any questions.

Seamus Kennedy

Policy Advisor

Office of Councilmember Jennifer Campbell

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