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Water shut off - Precise Planning Board Agenda and Elections

Mission Beach Water & Sewer Replacement Water Shutoff

Here is important information about the Mission Beach Water & Sewer Replacement project. Please share this information with others who you feel may have an interest in this update. Water service to some properties will be temporarily turned off Wednesday, March 15 at 9 p.m. to Thursday, March 16 at 6 a.m. Impacted properties include: 809 - 817 Devon Court 812 - 822 San Gabriel Place 805 - 823 Deal Court 802 - 828 Coronado Court 2858 - 2933 Bayside Lane 2885, 2909, 2915 and 2993 Mission Boulevard About the water shutoff: · Water service will not be available throughout the shutoff time; please plan accordingly. · Access to homes and for emergency vehicles will be maintained at all times. How the area will be impacted: · Construction activity will take place during the time period listed above on Bayside Lane at the intersection of the alley between San Gabriel Place and Devon Court and the intersection of the alley between San Gabriel Place and Deal Court. · Temporary road closures, traffic rerouting, parking and access restrictions will be in effect during work hours due to the presence of construction equipment and materials. · Noise from construction equipment may be heard. · "No Parking" signs will be posted at least 72 hours in advance. Vehicles in violation of signs will be towed.

Contact Us Call: 619-533-4207 Email: Website:



MISSION BEACH PRECISE PLANNING BOARD (“MBPPB”) AGENDA: Tuesday, March 21, 2023 @ 6:30 PM Place: Belmont Park Community Room, 3146 Mission Boulevard, Second Floor (North side of Park above “Arcade”) [SPECIAL NOTE: Elections for Area Representatives are held concurrent with but separate from the regularly scheduled March meeting on the outside deck of the Belmont Park Community Room. Polls open at 6:30 PM and close at 7:30 PM. The MBPPB requires proof of identity of eligible community members to vote in the election. Voting is by secret writtenballot. Eligible community memberscan vote for ONE CANDIDATEin the area they reside and are not allowed to vote in multiple areas. No Write-in Candidates. [See: Page 2 for a list of 2023 Candidates for Area Representatives and Election Protocol – Proof of Identity to Vote.] OPENING FUNCTIONS Call to Order,Quorum Count ADMINISTRATIVE ITEMS Revisions to March 21, 2023 Agenda February 21, 2023 Meeting via ZOOM Minutes– Modifications and Approval Chair’s Report REPORTS FROM GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS OTHER Information Item/Possible Action Item Belmont Park: Partial renovation of existing NW corner, including new amusement ride(s), stairs and bridge to existing building, signage structure(s) throughout, relocation of SDG&E utilities, Boardwalk and hardscape upgrades, additional water features,updated parking spaces,entertainment stage with green room for performers, storage structures, multiple vendor(s) structures, complete renovation of existing beach house bar and restaurant with addition of pool deck. Presenter: Steve Thomas,Belmont Park GeneralManager BUILDING PLAN REVIEW Information Item: Project No. 697489 (829 Verona Court): Coastal Development Permit to remodel an existing 1,387 sq. foot two-story single-family dwelling unit located at 829 Verona Court. Remodel includes the addition of 434 sq. feet on the first and second floorsand a new third floor with the single-family dwelling unit totally 1,821 sq. feet. The 0.04-acre site is located in the MBPD-R-N Zone, Coastal (Appealable) OverlayZone, and FirstPublic Roadway within the Mission Beach Community Plan Area. CD2. Presenters: Ann Whitman/John Oleninik (Oleinink Architect) NON-AGENDA PUBLIC COMMENT - One minuteper speaker for issues NOT onthe Agenda and within the purview of the MBPPB. BOARD COMMUNICATIONS Liaison Update (AirportNoise Advisory Committee “ANAC”) Resultsof March 2023 Election for Area Representatives and Chair’s Certification ADJOURNMENT Next meeting will be held on Tuesday, April 18, 2023 at 6:30 PM at the Belmont Park Community Room. Submit Agenda Items 10 days PRIOR to the scheduled Board Meeting for consideration to Chair at:

Mission Beach Precise Planning Board (“MBPPB”)

March 21, 2023 Agenda (Cont’d)

2023 Candidates for Mission Beach Precise Planning Board Area Representatives

Area I (between San Diego Place& South side of Capistrano Place)

1 Vacancy – Term expiring 2026 (3-yr term)

· BOB SEMENSON (Property Owner, Resident)

Area II (between the North side of Capistrano Place and the South side of West Mission Bay Drive and Ventura Place)

1 Vacancy – Term expiring 2026 (3-yr term)

· CYNTHIA STRATTON(Renter, Resident)

Area III (between the North side of West Mission Bay Drive and Ventura Place and South side of El Carmel Place)

1 Vacancy – Term expiring 2026 (3-yr term)

· JENINE WHITTECAR (Property Owner, Resident)

Area IV (between North side of El Carmel Place & South side of San Jose Place) 1 Vacancy – Term expiring 2026 (3-yr term)

· GLORIA HENSON(Property Owner, Resident)

· CASEY FIELDS (Property Owner, Resident)

Area V (between North side of San Jose Place & South side of Pacific Beach Drive) 3 Vacancies – No Candidates

Election Protocol– Proof of Identity to Vote

Please bring a valid picture ID, like a Driver’s License or California Identification Card with your current address on it. Because some Driver’s Licenses and California Identification Cards list a P.O. Box address, one can present a current rental agreement with one’s name and address or a current property tax bill along with the Driver’s License. Also, a current SDG&E bill or water utility bill can be presented with the valid picture ID.

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