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Vendor Enforcement and more

Vendor Enforcement - As most are probably aware the city finally started full enforcement of the Street Vendor Ordinance on February 1st.

Where is vending allowed in Mission Beach? Vending is prohibited YEAR ROUND virtually everywhere in Mission Beach. Vending is allowed on Ventura Place between Ocean Front Walk and Mission Blvd between Labor Day and Memorial Day, however there are restrictions such as not being within 15 feet of the boardwalk and distances required from curbs and business entrances that make it a very small area that a vendor could legally operate.

San Diego City Park Rangers will head up enforcement. I have been in contact with Chief Ranger Ruiz, they are not yet fully staffed but they hope to be by the time we get to spring and summer. At this time they will be focusing on weekends and will be complaint driven as well.

SDPD involvement in enforcement. I have also been in contact with Captain Manansala at the Northern Division and he has confirmed that the SDPD will be available to back up the Park Rangers as needed and very importantly SDPD will be allowed to enforce the vendor ordinance in the hours when park rangers are not on duty (rangers do not work evenings or nights). Lt. Brecht and the night Beach Teams are receiving training so that they can conduct enforcement as needed during evening hours especially during the spring and summer months.

Filing complaints. If you view possible violations of the ordinance please file complaints so that Park Rangers and the SDPD can know where to focus their enforcement. Please do not use the Police Non Emergency number to file vendor complaints. Use the Get It Done App. The city is working on creating a street vendor category in the Get It Done App until that is ready file complaints under the "OTHER" category.

• Exceptions. "Any vendor or individual engaged solely in artistic performances, free speech, political or petitioning activities, or engaged solely in vending of items constituting expressive activity protected by the First Amendment, such as newspapers, leaflets, pamphlets, bumper stickers, or buttons"

Many may have seen news broadcasts where vendors claimed that their "handmade" jewelry or art constitutes an "artistic" or first amendment exception to vending rules. The city has indicated that unless something is clear political in nature the vending statute will be enforced.

THANK YOU to the many in our community who have helped to finally get us to this day. Your persistence has paid off.

Updates from the SDPD Captain's Advisory Board

• The Neighborhood Policing Division which specifically addresses “quality of life” community issues related to homelessness. Last year due to staffing difficulties the Neighborhood Policing Division was consolidated into one unit that operated throughout the entire city. This meant that the Northern Division was only seeing the unit operate in our area a few days each month. That has now changed and each Division in the city now has a dedicated Neighborhood Policing team. The team typically consists of a Sergeant and up to six officers and the team has a dedicated Environmental Services team working with them so that encampments and trash issues can be more handled much more quickly.

As of January 17th the Northern Division Neighborhood Policing team reported the following:

4 Felony arrests

- 6 Misdemeanor arrests

- 22 citations

- 6 vehicle impounds

-124 GID's closed out

- 1 shelter placement

-1.71 tons of encampment related debris disposed of

-8 packer trucks of abandoned trash and encampment related debris removed from Fiesta island

• The SDPD wants to remind everyone that the "Chilean Burglary Ring" which has operated nationwide has been active once again in San Diego County. Mission Beach has not been a target but Northern Pacific Beach and La Jolla have been. The SDPD advises that you have a burglary alarm and make sure that you arm the system when you leave your home. You are the eyes and ears of your neighborhood. You know what is normal and what is not. Do not hesitate to call the police to report suspicious behavior. In case of emergency or witnessing a crime in progress call 911. To report suspicious activity call 619-531-2000.

• Letter of Agency. The SDPD also recommends the following: A Letter of Agency (Trespass Arrest Authorization) allows SDPD to enforce against anyone found on a property without the owner's consent or without lawful purpose.

Recommended for vacant properties, vacant lots, businesses or any properties upon which public nuisance activity or crimes, including littering, defecating, drinking, drug activity, prostitution, graffiti or general trespass are occurring. YOU MAY ALSO HAVE A LETTER OF AGENCY AT YOUR HOME

San Diego Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force. is hosting a screening of a film called SEXTORTION which gives insight into the world of online grooming and sextortion. It is recommend for middle school and high school children and parents.

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