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Scooters coming back? Smart Street Light Support

CITY IS PROPOSING LOOSENING SCOOTER REGULATONS - Currently all scooter companies have left San Diego as they have it is not profitable for them to operate here, but the city thinks they need to return so that they can be used to cut vehicle trips and reduce CO2 emissions. The city echoes the scooter operators claim that scooters are used to cover the last mile from transit stops etc. What we know in our community is that most scooter trips are purely recreational and if they do cover the "last mile" it's generally from one bar to another by under the influence operators.

On Wednesday November 8th the city's Active Transportation and Infrastructure Committee made up of Councilmembers Kent Lee, Joe La Cava and Marni Von Wilpert voted to recommend changes to the city's municipal code that will allow

  1. Allow Scooters to be operated on city sidewalks at 15 MPH versus the current requirement that they be geofenced to operate at only 3 MPH on sidewalks. Scooter operators would instead employ an audible announcement on all shared mobility devices (scooters) that will sound continuously when riders are on the sidewalk at a volume that is sufficient for riders to hear, instructing the riders to exit the sidewalk. (constant noise that most riders would ignore but everyone around them would hear as well)

  2. Currently scooter operators employ a user interface that requires users to upload a valid driver’s license at least every three months to demonstrate compliance with applicable state laws as well as the provider’s adopted age requirements for operating a shared mobility device. This helps limit underage use. The proposed change would only require users to upload a valid driver's license upon the riders first ride and that would make it much easier for underage riders to use scooters unsupervised by someone who holds a valid drivers license.

  3. The city intends to increase the number of scooter corrals throughout the city. It's unclear what that would mean in our community but more corrals would certainly impact traffic and parking.

WHAT YOU NEED TO DO, Please send an email to each city council member and their chief of staff (or at least to Councilmembers Kent Lee, Joe La Cava, Marni Von Wilpert and Jennifer Campbell and their chief's of staff) requesting that these changes not be made to maintain public safety on our sidewalks. Contact information for each councilmember and their chief's of staff be found here



The SDPD will be seeking final approval of their contract to begin use of Smart Street Lights and Automated License Plate Readers at the above city council meeting. Please voice your support for the use of Smartstreet Lights and Automated License Plate Readers either by attending in person or by making public comment virtually using the following link . You may also make written comment by using WEBFORM


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