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Protect Act - action needed

In September 2022 the membership of the Mission Beach Town Council approved the following resolution:

The Mission Beach Town Council opposes the proposed ProtectAct based on the existing information that was presented by Sgt. Jared Wilson of the SDPD POA, Capt. Jeff Jordon of the SDPD and Christie Hill of the ACLU. Also considered was information from the following on online resources.

Now is the time to continue to express the Mission Beach communities opposition to the ProtectAct, please see below for more information on how and when to do so.

The agenda for the San Diego City Council "Public Safety” Sub- Committee Meeting for Wednesday, Feb 15th at 2PM has been released. Please take a few moments to voice your opposition to the The PrOTECT ACT via Written Public Comment on the Webform as explained further down. The PrOTECT ACT is not specifically mentioned in the agenda, but ITEM-6 “Work Plan for Calendar Year 2023” is a "Information Item" that will be discussed. Background: Monica Montgomery-Steppe (currently Vice Chair Public Safety Committee) listed The PrOTECT ACT as one of her priorities in her specific “work plan” when she was Chair of Public Safety Livable Neighborhoods last year, and it is clearly still a major priority for her even though it is not mentioned in Marni Von Wilpert’s Work Plan. We expect her to push to have it docketed for discussion at some point. The Public Safety and Livable Neighborhoods Committee has recently been split into the Public Safety Committee (Chaired by Marni Von Wilpert) and Community and the Neighborhood Services Committee (Chaired by Jennifer Campbell). In addition to Pubic Safety Committee Chair Marni Von Wilpert and Vice Chair Monica Montgomery Steppe, the other members of this new Public Safety Committee are Raul Campillo and Jennifer Campbell (who is currently out on leave having had surgery).

The meeting will be held at 2:00 pm on Wednesday February 15th. The link to join the Meeting Webinar by computer, tablet, or Smartphone is: To join by telephone: Dial 1-669-254 5252 When prompted, input Webinar ID: 161 413 8702# We need people to post Non-Agenda "Written Public Comment" via the City Council “Webform” in opposition to the PRoTECT ACT even though it is not specifically docketed on this specific agenda.

In 2022 the group in favor of The PrOtECT ACT made "Written Public Comment" at each and every meeting. "Written Public Comment" becomes a permanent part of the record. It is important as it sends the message to the Public Safety Committee Members that there are many more opposed to the PrOTECT ACT than are supporting it. Written Comment through Webform: You may make non agenda public comment using the below link. Comments must be submitted by 8:45 am February 15th. Comments received after 8:45 a.m. the day of the meeting but before Non-agenda comment is called will be submitted into the written record for the meeting.

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