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King Tides Coming

San Diego will again experience King Tides again on Saturday January 21st and Sunday January 22nd. Luckily it appears we will not have stormy weather so their impact should not be as severe as the earlier January storms.

As we all know sand has been pushed up higher onto the sea wall especially in areas of North Mission which has created a ramp for the surf to go over the seawall. I spoke with San Diego Park and Rec on Wednesday the 18th and they had this week started working primarily in South Mission to reduce the height of the sand against the seawall. I requested today that they change their focus to North Mission where the most intense flooding occurred however it is unknown how much progress will be made prior to the King Tides due to limited staffing. If you are in an effected area please work to protect your property accordingly. Sandbags are available at Santa Clara Rec Center.

In the near future the MBTC intends to have discussions with the Mayor's office, District One and Park and Rec to hopefully come up with a long term plan for beach grooming so that future problems can be lessened. Park and Rec has limited staff so we must get the city to provide additional assets to Park and Rec to correct the current conditions so that Park and Rec can then hopefully in the future maintain the beach in a manner that will be safer for our community in the long run.

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