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Fire ring ordinance - update

The City Council will vote on the proposed changes to beach fire regulations on December 13th at their 2:00 pm meeting.

The membership of the Mission Beach Town Council voted in June to support the proposed changes to the city of San Diego’s municipal code which will prohibit beach fires outside of city provided fire rings from using any devices other than propane fueled devices.

It's important that all nine of our city council members hear from our community so please do one of the following to let our city council members know that the Mission Beach Community supports these changes.

1. Come to the city council hearing on December 13th at 2:00 pm (202 C St. 12th floor) and speak in person. Prepare a one minute speech. (yes, you will be there for a few hours but our community is worth it)

2. Attend the city council meeting via zoom and sign up to give a one minute speech.

To join by telephone: Dial 1-669-254 5252 +

When prompted, input Webinar ID:161 170 3951 #

3.Public Comment may be submitted using the webform indicating the comment type and item number (if relevant) for which you wish to submit your comment. Comments received by 12:00 PM for Monday Meetings and 8:00 AM for Tuesday meetings will be distributed to the City Council and posted online with the meeting materials. All webform comments are limited to 500 words but may include attachments. Comments received after the deadlines described above but before the item is called will be submitted into the written record for the relevant item.

4. Send an email to the mayor’s office and EACH city council office

In support of the proposed change to the city of San Diego’s municipal code which would prohibit beach fires outside of city provided fire rings from using any devices other than propane fueled devices. These changes are a clarification on beach fires, not a ban on beach fires.

Please follow the following instructions on the best way to send an email to all of the city council offices.


• Write one letter

DO NOT identify your Council District or include your home address!

We want each City Official to think the letter writer is a constituent in their district.

• ALL NINE Council Members vote on every agenda item. Writing only to our specific Council Member does not accomplish the outcome we need when there are

NINE total votes being cast on every agenda item before City Council.

We need all Council Members on board!!!!!

• “Copy” your letter

• Click on the emails (live links) listed below

• Choose “Compose Email” highlighted in orange on the “live email link”

• “Paste” your letter and send separately to each Council Member and their Staff members listed below. Very easy!

Every email below is a “live link" that will produce an email template


DeputyDirector of Policy- Matt Yagyagan

Chief of Staff - Paola Avila-

Deputy Chief of Staff - Nick Serrano.

Community Rep D1 -Matthew Griffith

Community Rep D2 - Kohta Zaiser.

Directorof Policy - Jessica Lawrence.


D1 Council Member Joe La Cava


Chief of Staff - Vicky Joes

Policy Director - Kathleen Ferrier Community Outreach Dir. - Steve Hadley

D2 Council Member Dr. Jennifer Campbell


Chief of Staff - Venus Molina



D3 Council Member Stephen Whitburn


Chief of Staff - Jesus Cardenas

Director of Policy - Jacob O’Neill


D4 Council President ProTem

Monica Montgomery-Steppe


Chief of Staff - Henry Foster

PSLN Committee Consultant

Tiffany Harrison


D5 Councilmember Marni von Wilpert


Chief of Staff - Jamie Fox

Chief of Policy- Justin Garver


D6 Council Member Chris Cate

(619) 236-6616

Chief of Staff -Francis Barraza


D7 Councilmember Raul Campillo


Chief of Staff - Michael Simonsen

` 619-236-6765

Chief of Policy-Justine Murray



D8 Councilmember Vivian Moreno


Chief of Staff - Travis Knowles

Chief of Policy KevinSmith


D9 Council President Sean Elo-Rivera


Chief of Staff - Lydia Van Note


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