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Community Updates

Area 8 Rep Opening - There is an opening to serve your community if you live, own property or a business in Area 8, The north side of San Jose Place to and including the south side of San Rafael Place. If interested please email

Second Trash Pick Up To End - The last second trash pick up will be on Saturday September 24th and the last weekly recycling pick up will be on Tuesday September 27th. After those dates pick up will revert back to weekly refuse collection on Tuesday and bi-weekly recycling collection.

Street Light Repair - The street light repair task force which was supposed to have began in late July will now begin on September 26th. The delay was caused by a Covid outbreak amongst the repair crew. Please report all non-working street lights via the GetItDone app. The crews will be working from the GetItDone reports.

September MBTC Board meeting - the September MBTC Board meeting will be held at 5:00 pm on Wednesday September 21st in the Mission Beach Women's Club. Any member of the Council may attend meetings of the Board of Directors but shall not be allowed to vote, make, or second motions. However, an attending member may make as many suggestions as allowed by the presiding Officer of the meeting. The meeting agenda and zoom info may be found here:

Nominating Committee for November Elections - The committee will be named at the September board meeting. The Committee shall seek qualified nominees to serve as Directors, Officers, and Area Representatives and shall prepare a list of the nominees. If you would like to be considered for the committee please email

The election of the Council’s Board of Directors and Officers - will be held in November during the General Membership meeting. To be eligible to vote you must be a member in good standing as of October 9th. The following officer positions will be voted on:

1. President;

2. First Vice President;

3. Vice-President at Large;

4. Public Communications and Media Officer;

5. Secretary;

6. Treasurer;

7. Membership Officer

The qualifications for a member to serve as an Officer are:

A member in good standing with the Council by August 1 or, if appointed at least ninety (90) days prior to the appointment date and must retain their membership throughout their term of office. In addition, to be eligible for President or First Vice President, a candidate shall have served on the Board of Directors for at least one (1) term, not necessarily the previous term.

All nine area rep positions are also be voted on: To serve as an area rep you must live, own property or operate a business in the area you serve.

Area 1: The jetty north to and including the south side of Balboa Court;

Area 2: The north side of Balboa Court to and including the south side of San Gabriel Place; Area 3: The north side of San Gabriel Place to and including the south side of Ventura Place; Area 4: The north side of Ventura Place to and including the south side of San Luis Obispo; Area 5: The north side of San Luis Obispo to and including the south side of San Juan Place; Area 6: The north side of San Juan Place to and including the south side of Santa Clara Place;

Area 7: The north side of Santa Clara Place to and including the south side of San Jose Place;

Area 8: The north side of San Jose Place to and including the south side of San Rafael Place;

Area 9: The north side of San Rafael Place to and including Pacific Beach Drive.

Don't Trash Mission Beach - The August report from Don't Trash Mission Beach may be found here:'t%20Trash%20Mission%20Beach%20Monthly%20Reports?dl=0&preview=DTMB+August+report.pdf&subfolder_nav_tracking=1


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