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Community update

MBTC SOCIAL HOUR - Thank you to everyone who came to Draft at Belmont Park on the 18th! It was fun and over 20 people became new members of the MBTC. MBTC Communications VP Kerry Farrar really outdid herself in organizing and promoting the event. THANKS KERRY!

SPECIAL THANKS to Steve Thomas and the staff at Belmont Park and Draft for their generous support they provided not only the space but great appetizers and a drink for each member. Make sure you try out the new Belmont Branded wine, beer and water!

ORGANIC WASTE CONTAINERS - The MBTC requested that the city only deliver the small 35 gallon organic waste containers in the Mission Beach neighborhood and to hold off delivering them until after Labor Day. Fortunately the Environmental Services Department has agreed to do so. Properties will receive only one (1) 35-gallon container for each property, and each unit will receive a kitchen pail for in-home food scrap collection. Containers will be delivered September 26, 2023, to September 29, 2023. Residents can exchange their delivered bin for a different size or request additional containers. Residents who wish to request a green bin exchange will be able to do so at no charge within 14 calendar days of initial delivery and only if the green bin is unused and still new. All green bin requests can be submitted on the Get It Done or by calling 858-694-7000. A member of the ESD will attend the MBTC general meeting on September 13th to provide more information on the organic waste program.

MARUTA GARDNER PARK - was voted the best playground in San Diego.

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