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the week of May 29th

On Monday May 29th the Mission Beach Women's Club will host a luncheon in South Mission Beach for our police, fire fighters, lifeguards and park rangers. Feel free to stop by and thank them on Monday or any day this weekend at the command post just south of the restrooms at Belmont Park. If you can donate to this please see the flyer below.

STREET VENDORS - As expected this weekend has seen a resurgence of Street Vendors in our community. If you are walking past Mission Beach Park and Belmont Park please take time to file GID Get It Done reports. Use the "OTHER" category to make the reports. The more reports submitted the better. The MBTC is continuing to address this issue with city leaders but your action is needed to help keep pressure on our city leaders. Please forward your GID reports to Khota Zaiser from the Mayor's Office at

Shoreline Community Services, The Compass Station in Pacific Beach, will celebrate it's 1st Anniversary on Wednesday May 31st! They would love to have you with them! PLEASE stop by to celebrate. Nothing fancy. A slice of cake. Some punch. A couple of laughs and memories. Come over any time between 3-5pm. So much to celebrate!!!

Smart Streetlights and Automated License Plate Readers - At 5:30 on Wednesday May 31st the SDPD will go before the city of San Diego's Privacy Advisory Board to answer questions from the board. This will be a public meeting and supporters are needed to go to the meeting and speak or call/zoom into the meeting to voice support for the deployment of Smart Streetlights.

It's vital that there be a strong showing of support The meeting will be held at City Hall 202 "C" Street. The opponents of the use of the Smart Streetlights many of whom don't even live in San Diego will be organized and will show up so please take the time to show your support. The link to call/zoom into the meeting to make comment will be available at

Support the Unsafe Camping Ordinance - The Unsafe Camping Ordinance, which will make amendments and additions to the San Diego Municipal Code to prohibit encampments citywide. Most importantly for our beach community is this will ban encampments in all parks. This ordinance will forbid unauthorized tent encampments regardless of shelter availability at locations considered to be high risk to public health and safety, including:

1. within two blocks of K-12 schools 2. within two blocks of a shelter 3. along trolley tracks and transportation hubs 4. all parks 5. canyons 6. and waterways like the San Diego river Please consider signing this petition in support of the ordinance


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