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General Meeting Update

The next general membership meeting is 6:00 pm Wednesday April 10, 2024 in the Community Room at Belmont Park (above the arcade). Come early and enjoy

The agenda for the meeting may be found here

Membership will vote to approve or disapprove a board approved resolution to send a letter to the city council requesting them to consider the below changes to the Short Term Rental Ordinance.

1.     Restrict Tier 3 & 4 licenses to a natural person with an ownership interest in the property. 

2.     Restrict Tier 3 & 4 licenses to 25% of units in a parcel (or 2 units, whichever is greater).

3.     If a license is revoked, no new licenses shall be issued on the parcel for 1 year.

4.     Provide the platforms with a list of valid STR licenses and exempted properties (hotels) against which the platforms must validate listings.

5.     Enforce the ordinance and penalize the platforms with specific fines for non-compliance.  

6.     Require Tier-2 hosts to report booking activity to the City.


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