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Election, what you need to know

2022 MBTC Election Wednesday, November 9th

The 2022 election for officers and area reps will be held Wednesday, November 9th at 6:00 pm. The election will be held in the Belmont Park Community Room located above the arcade in Belmont Park. A list of the candidates was sent out in a separate email, posted to NextDoor and posted on the MBTC Facebook page. Bios's for candidates and a sample ballot will be sent out next week.

We still have openings for Area Reps in areas three, five and eight as well as the Secretary position. If you are interested in any of these positions please reach out to

We encourage all members to take part in this election, participate in the meeting and hear from our public officials. Half of life is showing up! If for health reasons you do not want to attend the meeting in the room, a board member will meet you outside and verify your membership and provide you with a ballot and collect your ballot. Should you choose to do so you will be unable to vote in a runoff in the event of a tie.

In order to vote you must have been a member in good standing as of October 9th, 2022. Each paid member–whether a resident, property owner, or business operator–shall be entitled to one vote. New members may not vote until one month after joining. There shall be no proxy voting, absentee voting, e-mail voting, and no cumulative (multiple membership category, multiple property ownership, multiple business operator) voting. A Supporting Member Membership has no voting rights.

A member in good standing may vote only for an Area Representative nominee running in the area the member is a resident, property owner, or business operator. All voters may vote for Council’s Officers. An ad hoc Election Committee appointed by the President shall tally the votes and announce the results of the election at the November General Membership Elections Meeting.

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