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Community update, Vehicle Habitation, Minutes and more

Vehicle Habitation - The city of San Diego has settled a class action lawsuit regarding vehicle habitation and as a result the SDPD will no longer be able to enforce the vehicle habitation ordinance unless there is room in the city operated "Safe parking lots". Currently there is no way for the SDPD to know if there is space in safe parking lots so the ordinance will not be enforced.

If history repeats itself, expect large masses of RV campers, vans and cars of people camping for days on end in our beach area parking lots and streets.

Please reach out to our elected officials and demand that a system immediately be created to allow the SDPD to have real time access to available spots in the city's "safe parking lots". Without such access the SDPD cannot take any action to prevent the takeover of our beach area parking lots and streets. You can find a list of our elected officials and their email addresses and phone numbers here

Meeting Minutes -

January and February general meeting minutes may be found here

Board Meeting Minutes - The March board meeting minutes may be found here



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