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Candidates for MBTC Board

This is the final slate of candidates and their bios for the MBTC November 9th Election which will be held at 6:00 pm in the Community Room at Belmont Park. You may also write in a vote for any position. You may only vote for an Area Rep in the area in which you live, own property or operate a business in. Everyone may vote for the officer positions.


President - Larry Webb – incumbent - My wife and I have been a Mission Beach residents for nearly forty years and in the process raised four pretty great kids (three and and a half grandkids and counting) in Mission Beach. I’ve served as an area rep for one year, Communications VP for two years and President for one year. Looking forward to a positive 2023 and continuing to work with our incredibly blessed community and the many people who are willing to work to make it awesome .

Vice President - Sarah Mattinson – incumbent - I have been involved with the Mission Beach Town council for over 10 years. Some of the projects I have worked on with Town Council are securing the second trash pickup, leading the Mission Beach Improvement Committee organizing several projects to improve our beach community and, currently, working hard to get a street vending ordinance passed in beach area. I have been a member of the Mission Beach Women’s Club for over 15 years. I have been a business owner in Mission Beach for 17 years and before that I was a resident of Mission Beach for 3 years. I am currently appointed to the Small Business Advisory Board with the City of San Diego and a board member of the California Restaurant Association. I love being a part of the Mission Beach community and look forward to a productive year ahead.

VP at Large – Casey Fields -current area five rep - bio not submitted

Membership – Ray Steinberger - incumbent - Mission beach is unlike any other community and I am proud to have been part of this area for the last 25 years and look forward to giving back. My wife Patty and I own a home on Deal Ct. We love the unique charm of Mission Beach and I am committed to keep that charm alive, improve upon what we have, and encourage others to do the same. I believe my determination and level-headed approach makes me a good candidate to help solve our community issues together as a team. I have been on the MBTC for 4 years – serving as Area Rep for 2 years and Membership Chair for 1 year. In 2021, I chaired a committee focused on Parking Lot Safety that resulted in a letter to Parks & Rec requesting safety measures which are now being considered by the city. As Membership Chair, I created software to automate the day-to-day membership duties including roster management, renewals, and timely generated emails related to renewal issues. I reduced our yearly website & software costs by roughly $500 by working with our vendors. This year, our membership grew by 11%. Currently, I am responsible for the co-development and maintenance of the MBTC website. Going forward, I will advocate for more community involvement and growing our membership base, push for additional parking lot safety, and continue improving our website and software automation.

Treasurer – Charles Villano – current area three rep - bio not submitted

Secretary – VACANT – please apply

Public Communications and Media Officer – Kerry Farrar - My husband and I live in South Mission with our three daughters. I am a Case Manager at the law firm Foley & Lardner LLP, and have worked at the firm since 2006. I am the Director of Social Media for my children's school, Pacific Beach Elementary, a position I have held for the last two years. I have been running social media for the Mission Beach Town Council since April 2022. I am the Co-president of the PTA for my girls school, Friends of Pacific Beach Elementary (FOPBE) and I am on the Board of Directors of Don't Trash Mission Beach. I have a graduate degree in forensic psychology. I am excited for the opportunity to have a more integral part with the Mission Beach Town Council.

Area One – Gary Katz – incumbent - bio not submitted

Area Two - Klaus Mendenhall - incumbent - bio not submitted

Area Three – VACANT – please apply

Area Four –

William Wu, - Incumbent - Dr. William Wu Has been a long time resident and property owner in Mission Beach for over 20 years. Dr. Wu and his wife have raised and are raising their 7 children in Mission Beach, 3 have already graduated Mission Bay High School. Dr. Wu knows the importance of the community and is an excellent problem solver. He does not believe in causing distractions and disturbances that will divide the members of the community. Dr. Wu is not right winged or left winged on current hot topics; he is neutral with the belief of compromise and unity.

Andy Chotnier – bio not submitted

Area Five – Alan Bark - My family first moved to Mission Beach in 1961. I attended Mission Beach Elementary thru Mission Bay High, This is my home. And I plan to be here thru the duration.

Area Six –

Rob Brown – Incumbent - Rob Brown has served on Mission Beach Town Council for the past 3 years as Secretary or area rep. Rob has lived in Mission Beach on and off since 2005 and has continuously owned ocean front property in MB since 2005. Rob has served as President of the Mission Bay Real Estate Assn and currently serves on the Mission Beach Precise Planning Board. Rob has been in real estate since 1999 and owns his own brokerages in both San Diego and Las Vegas. Rob studied finance at USC and holds a MSRE (Master of Science in Real Estate) from USD. Rob and his family love the boardwalk and beach life in MB!

Kelly Madden - I would like to be considered for a seat on the Mission Beach Town Council. I was born and raised in San Diego and first owned in Mission Beach in 2003. I am very familiar with the culture and uniqueness of Mission Beach. My professional background includes educational administration, real estate (as well giving back to my community be actively volunteering at the San Diego Zoo and the Birch Aquarium and actively attending numerous Mission Beach Council Meetings including being a member of an ad hoc committee to further explore regulations on STROs). I believe serving on the Mission Beach Town Council will better enhance my ability to get to know my neighbors and collaboratively share ideas that will continue to enhance this wonderful community. My professional experience has enhanced my skills to build consensus, be a good listener and working toward favorable solutions for all stake holders. My vision for enhancing the Mission Beach Community involves crime, street vendor enforcement, encampments, and increased positive spotlights on local businesses. Thanks for your consideration, Kelly

Carol Chapekis – bio not submitted

Area Seven – Humberto Cruz – incumbent, bio not submitted

Area Eight – Skip Dalrymple - My wife and I moved here in 2018 from Poway where we raised our children and lived for 24 years. I work from home for the most part and I have had varied experiences serving for many years on my communities HOA board. We really enjoy MB and would like to find ways to help enhance our “little slice of Heaven” here at the beach.

Area Nine – Kimberly Wise- incumbent, bio not submitted


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