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The General Membership of the Council shall be open to any person who is at least eighteen (18) years of age and is an individual who is a resident of a qualifying address (Resident Membership), property owner of a qualifying property (Property Owner Membership), business operator (Business Membership) of an onsite business use in the Mission Beach commercial zones (defined by the City of San Diego as Mission Beach Community Planning Area). A Supporting Member Membership is available for any person that does not fit any of the membership categories.


A member’s qualification statement as to their membership shall be based on the honor system. However, if a question arises as to the qualification basis for membership, the Board of Directors may choose to require that any member provide documentation as proof of their qualifying status including, but not limited to, a deed, rental agreement, utility bill, driver’s license, etc.


  1. Resident – A resident must live in the qualifying address.

  2. Property Owner – A property owner must be an owner identified on a deed reflecting ownership in Mission Beach. If a property owner seeks qualification through ownership of an entity which owns real property in Mission Beach, the following qualifications and rules shall apply and must be met:

    • Limited Liability Company (LLC) – Membership is limited to one (1) member/owner of the LLC. Only one (1) member/owner may qualify for a Property Ownership Membership. A non-member manager of an LLC does not qualify for a Property Owner Membership.

    • Corporation – Membership is limited to one (1) shareholder/owner of the corporation. Only one (1) shareholder/owner of a corporation may qualify for a Property Owner Membership.

    • Trust – Membership is limited to two (2) trustors.

  3. Business Operator – Membership is limited to one (1) operator per business. If the business is an entity (e.g. LLC, Corporation, etc.), the member must be an owner or the designated operator of the entity.

Each paid member, whether a resident, property owner, or business operator shall be entitled to one vote. New members may not vote until thirty (30) days after joining the Council. There shall be no proxy voting, absentee voting, e-mail voting, and no cumulative (multiple membership category, multiple property ownership, multiple business operator) voting. A Supporting Member Membership has no voting rights.

Annual membership dues are based on a “Member’s Anniversary Date,” which shall be for a one (1) year period starting from the date of the Council’s receipt of dues. After joining the Council, a member’s dues in subsequent years are payable on or before the member’s anniversary date. If a member fails to renew their membership within thirty (30) days of the expiration of the Member’s Anniversary Date, the member’s membership shall be terminated. After a termination of membership, to again vote in the Council’s affairs, the past member must apply for new membership and wait thirty (30) days before voting. Any member who is in good standing by October 9 may vote in the November elections. A member’s dues must be paid thirty (30) days prior in order for voting rights on resolutions and elections to vest. Dues for a Resident, Property Owner, and Supporting Membership shall be $15. Dues for a Business Operator Membership shall be $30.

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